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This reference letter serves to confirm that “Drillex International” is our long-term and reliable business partner.

Mundoro Capital Inc. (or “Mundoro”) is a public company based in Canada, which is engaged in exploration activities since 1997. Via its subsidiaries in Bulgaria (“Bulgaria Alpha” EAD, seat of management: Borovo 13, ap. 12; UIC 201803908; Sofia; Bulgaria) and in Serbia (,,Stara Planina Resources. DOO, seat of management: Kneza Milosa 9, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia), “Mundoro” has
commenced exploration programs in Eastern Europe since 2008

Completing its programs for exploration and prospecting so far,.”Mundoro” has used the services of local and international specialists, so as to ensure that all established international practices are implemented and to comply with the local legislation. One of these partners is “”Drillex International” with its subsidiaries in Bulgaria (“Drilling services Bulgaria” OOD with seat of management Kostinbrod, str. Dimcho Debelyanov 31, UIC 130955939) and in Serbia (DRILLEX INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. seat of management: Save Kovacevica, 1921Q Bor, Serbia).

“Drillex lnternational” has succeeded in gaining our trust by demonstrating professionalism, integrity and precision. The company has been our partner since 2013. Till 2016 we have commenced diamond drilling programs in our exploration areas in Serbia and Bulgaria. During the current 2017 w6 will commence diamond drilling programs in our areas in Serbia “Borsko jezero” and “ZheleznitK” and in Bulgaria “Byalo” and reverse circulation drillinq in the area “Savinac’ in Serbia and “Zvezda” in Bulgaria.

“Mundoro” highly appreciates the experience and the skills of “Drillex International” team in providing drilling services.

Reference letter Mundoro 2017


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