Grade Control is an important part to any ore reserve. Drillex International have a fleet of RC Grade Control drill rigs suited to multiple commodities and on the open pit mining operations. This type of drilling is utilized to better define the information on the ore grades and ore blocks on the mine in order to optimize ore extraction as well as mine planning and blasting patterns.

Grade Control

Sample quality and productivity are paramount to any grade control operation. Our grade control machines have depth capacities up to 300 metres, whilst remaining nimble and efficient.


Drilling machinery provides the operator with real-time grade guidance while they are drilling. What this means is that they are given information about the desired depth, angle and alignments. Drilling samples are sent to laboratories for geologists to access the grade.


Drillex International approach grade control with quality outcomes in mind. Splitting systems are setup to meet client and ore body requirements. Our crews are focussed on being productive, but not at the cost of poor sample quality. We provide dedicated supervision to ensure that communications are frequent with our customers and crews are well supported in the execution of the work.


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