Drillex International is committed to

providing a safe work environment for its most valuable asset – our people.

We foster a safety culture that is dedicated towards training, safe procedure development, hazard awareness, fatigue management, environmental and cultural awareness and development of several safety initiatives to protect our most valuable asset – our people.

Our leadership commitment, engaging professional consultants expertise, constant training programs, daily tool box meetings all remains central to our safety strategy, which promotes a proactive approach to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our people.

People are the company’s greatest asset and Drillex empowers our people to make decisions based on the belief that safe production is the only acceptable standard.

Our drill rigs are designed with the latest industry safety features and equipment to minimize risk and harm.

We continually strive to communicate safe work practices through stringent training programs, which aim to promote a zero harm work environment.

Safety is at the heart of our company values and we believe safety always comes first.


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