Diamond Drilling


Exploration diamond drilling nowdays is most common, fastest and cheapest way of collecting informations of geological structure of the ground. Is used in mining industry to check known and potentional ore deposits. Differs from other geological drilling because a solid core is extracted from depth for examination on the surface.

Diamond Drilling


Diamond drilling is rotary drilling with coring. The key technology of the diamond drilling is the actual diamond bit itself. It is composed of industrial diamonds set into a soft metallic matrix . The bit is mounted onto a core barrel which is attached to the drill string, which is connected to a drilling rig. Water is injected into the drill pipe, so as to wash out the rock cuttings produced by the bit and also to reduce the heat produced due to friction which causes less wear and tear of the bits. An actual diamond bit is a complex affair, usually designed for a specific rock type, with many channels for washing. Wireline system is technique of extraction the core when upon drill run is ends only the inner tube with core is extracted thorough the outer tube and rod string. Outer tube with drill bit and rod string stays in the ground. Drillex International uses only high quality downhole tooling from world leading manufacturers in order to provide high quality core presentation and orientation to its clients.

Drilling Rigs


Diamond Drilling offers a number of significant advantages over conventional drilling. Cutting is more accurate than percussive techniques which means that there is less chance of damage which could affect structural integrity. The equipment is lightweight and highly portable and can be used in situations where space is at a premium. As the procedure is relatively quiet, it can be done in virtually any location without fear of creating excess noise. Very little dust is produced with Diamond Drilling so it creates little mess or disruption.

CSD500 Image


Drill rigs can be mobile equipment mounted on trucks, tracks or trailers, or more permanent land or marine-based structures The term “rig” therefore generally refers to the complex equipment that is used to penetrate the surface of the Earth’s crust. Recognizing importance of the drill rig in diamond drilling, Drillex International invest in a new, modern rigs and constantly improves their efficiency, mobility and lifting safetety standards. Drillex International with its well equiped workshop and experiance personnel always streaming towards inovations and modifications making the equipment more efficient and safe. Drillex International offers wide range of drill rigs to meet clients needs and provide premium service at specific climate and terrain operations – multipurpose, high depth capacity, tracks mounted, manportable, winter enclosed. Mechanical support is allocated to each project to minimise downtime. We understand the impact of downtime and cost management.

Winter diamond drilling


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